Around Tenby

Marketing Strategy


Around Tenby is a tourism website promoting Tenby and surrounding areas. The website aims to showcase the beauty and various attractions of the area providing visitors with information to plan and enjoy their trip to Tenby.


While the website had been adequate, the local Business Chamber felt they needed a new marketing strategy to increase website traffic and ultimately drive more tourism to the area.

The Tenby Chamber of Business and Tourism approached Nuddy Media to create a new, effective marketing strategy that would increase online visibility, drive more traffic to their website, and ultimately result in more business for the local shops, restaurants, and hotels in the Tenby area.

The solution would have to be efficient, cost-effective and integrate Social Media Platforms. In turn generating both organic and managed content to provide a dynamic and visual experience.


‘Around Tenby’ launched in July 2020. A new website is supported by multiple Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The plan to engage with users on social media, create value-driven content and promote local businesses has been a huge success.

Website traffic has increased from 0 impressions per quarter on Google search to over 2 million in less than three years, the Social Media Platforms combined in the same period has now over 34,000 followers.

Local businesses have enjoyed real benefits including more bookings, increased revenue and increased awareness. Around Tenby provides a platform for all new businesses to quickly gain awareness with their target market, tourists.