Crawfords Group

Website / Social Media


Crawfords Group specialises in the sales and maintenance of agricultural machinery with multiple depots around the South East. They support the Agricultural, Equestrian, Construction, Forestry and Horticultural sectors. It is a family run business since 1980.


Nuddy Media has a long-standing relationship supporting Crawfords Group. For this brief, Crawfords needed a social media content creation strategy, blog writing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and consultancy services aimed at improving their online presence, increasing brand visibility and attracting more customers in the Agriculture industry.

Nuddy Media’s consultancy services provided valuable insight on how to streamline the user experience and further enhance customer engagement and retention. By understanding the customer demographic and creating content directly targeting them, a social media strategy focused on the Agriculture sector could be created. Working closely with Crawfords we both developed new content and utilised existing assets to ensure the target market was kept interested.


Our work with Crawfords Group resulted in a significant increase in their online presence and brand recognition in the Agriculture sector. Through a combination of social media content creation, blogging, SEO, and consultancy services, Crawfords Group saw an increase in 450% website traffic, which translated to an increase in lead generation and sales.

Additionally, with our assistance and regular posting on the web, social media has resulted in an increase in engagement and an increase in audience reach. Crawfords Group has become a dominant player in the agriculture industry, with a strong online presence and a consistently increasing customer base.