Laptop check, smartphone check, mobile signal check, wi-fi check. The open road, the sun and an endless epic views…check.

Wait a minute, this doesn’t sound like the average office set up to me, and rightly so, it isn’t.

More and more of us, not just millennials, are accepting that business doesn’t have to be defined by four walls or a single location.

As individuals, we seek more from our working experience and are often prepared to sacrifice an element of salary or revenue, for the luxury that freedom and the ability to work from anywhere brings.

This digital nomadic lifestyle has been made more and more possible through advances in global communications infrastructure the world over.

Both mobile and wi-fi coverage is being enhanced and increased with very few pockets where you can’t get a good signal or fast and free wi-fi unless you choose to be off-grid.

Typically, if you have a productive mindset, you can be productive anywhere and zone out from the obvious distractions. Discipline is key, as is organisation. And of course, some roles are far better suited to this way of working than others.

But the beauty for many is that this really is a credible option.

So many businesses have sprung up over the last two years, a considerable proportion from bedrooms, kitchens or garages… home basically, and have proven to be hugely successful. The need to have fixed premises for credibility are questionable, as is the need for constant face-to-face meetings.

While I am a firm believer in building real human and personal connections, this does not preclude an awful lot of ‘virtual’ engagement too. You only have to look at how Covid-19 has turned the usual bricks and mortar working practices on their head and even tested the sternest of old-school CEO’s to see the merit and necessity in adopting new working practices. Further supported no doubt by the CFO with a keen eye on cost savings.

While the world won’t become wholly nomadic and you can’t beat looking into the whites of a person’s eyes or the feel of a firm handshake, there is a direction of travel, meaning it is perfectly acceptable and utterly achievable to do so much more business and deliver results online, no matter where you are.