Clever content

Those clever content people

What is it they say, women are seduced by what they hear and men by what they see. But what happens when you consciously use both words and images? Well quite frankly, you have some pretty powerful content, that’s what.

Today’s content has got an aura about it. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s now treated with far more respect than ever before. Rising up the ranks of power within any marketers’ kit bag.

I appreciate words and images have been around way longer than little old me, but in terms of their importance, well that’s a different matter. Content really does appear to be king.

With the buyer journey completely flipped on its head and our ability to Google anything on the planet, it has never been more important to ensure that what is read about you and what is seen, is ‘controlled’ as best it can.

Content should naturally form part of your core marketing strategy and work seamlessly across all touchpoints (website, collateral, email, social media channels, sales presentations, virtual exhibition stands and so on). It has to resonate with your audience, be worth the reader investing their time in it and be clear and honest in what the end action is to be.

Consistency is also key, whether in the tone or language used, imagery and even the colourways. All designed to promote you and all that your brand stands for. A prospect wants to feel a familiarity with your brand no matter where they engage with it.

Maybe they saw an online ad, visited your website or downloaded your latest whitepaper. These days, most likely all three and that’s where consistency and familiarity comes in.

Having something to say is also a given. A lot easier said than done, but an absolute must, nonetheless.

  1. How will it help the prospect?
  2. What will it do to make their lives better?
  3. Why is it better than the other hundred options available?
  4. When will I see results?

After all, it’s pretty unique to be unique these days! So have clever content that blends authentic and relevant content that you know your target audience will gel with, with consistency and place across the most appropriate touchpoints, and you will start to shift and shape behaviours in a controlled, but not controlling way.

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