But what has that got to do with anything I hear you ask.

Quite a lot when you think about it.

Ok, ok, I am going to break the cycle and convince you [or not] why storytelling is alive and kicking amongst some of the fastest and most trusted brands on this planet.

We hear a lot about purpose and authenticity, about doing good and giving back. All considerations of the purchasing decision and not mutually exclusive to millennials either. Even us older humans have empathy you know.

Brands are pivoting in a way not seen before; they are acting as complete custodians of the customer, not pretending to, actually doing so. They are living by their actions, by what they say, not what they want you and I to hear. And that’s a very good thing indeed.

But how are they doing this? Well, one of the keyways is through storytelling, not some clever spin or catchy slogan. Not saying one thing and doing another. I am talking about an honest, open and purposeful dialogue between humans, well, a business with a brand (B2B) and the customer to be precise.

To a degree, consumer brands (B2C) have had this sussed for a while. But that can’t be said for those brands operating in the B2B sector. Yes, the relationship is between one brand and another, not a brand and a person, but actually, when you think about it, it’s a nonsense. B2C or B2B… people do business with people. Full stop.

So, telling a great story as opposed to reeling off a list of product specs, explaining how the business failed in the early days, went back to basics, grew a moral compass and wanted to be a better corporate citizen is so much more compelling.

Create a connection, build empathy, be on the side of the customer, fight for their rights, don’t let them down, but if you do, apologise and make a mend, have a purpose and tell people about it. They are more likely to buy into you as a brand if you tell an honest story.