Why choose a marketing agency

5 Reasons to Use a Marketing Agency

Internal marketing team, an external marketing agency or a hybrid approach? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question; it is down to the organisation’s needs, management style, company culture, and business growth dynamics.

However, this blog is focused on the benefits of using a marketing agency (and clearly a self-promotion for Nuddy Media).


Marketing requirements are rarely linear. Demands go up and down according to the business calendar, business performance, and factors beyond the organisation’s control.

It isn’t easy to adjust an internal marketing team to the dynamic needs of a business. Hiring and firing to suit the business cycle just isn’t practical. That’s where a marketing agency scores points; you can adjust and scale the resources you need. However, you must work with an agile agency that can respond this way; Nuddy Media ticks this box.

Expert Skills & Knowledge

Building an internal marketing team with extensive marketing skills and experience can be both expensive and time-consuming. In addition, many businesses target industry-experienced personnel, which can be both positive and negative.

By its very nature, a marketing agency provides a wide range of marketing skills and experience that can be applied to a business using a ‘fresh pair of eyes’. Experienced and talented designers, copywriters, strategists, and planners are at your disposal when you select the right marketing agency.

Why Use a Marketing Agency


How does an organisation measure its marketing results? At best, measuring marketing performance is an inexact science that has puzzled many businesses. Is the marketing not working because the sales message is weak? Are our competitors spending more and delivering a better product? Is our product any good?

A marketing agency worth its salt will put accountability first and foremost. At Nuddy Media we actively demonstrate to our clients what we deliver for their money. Whether content creation or traffic generation, we believe in transparency and proving our worth to clients.

Fresh Approach

If ‘variety is the spice of life’, then a marketing agency brings the spice. With an internal marketing team, it is easy to get in a rut, working on the same products and services day in and day out. As a result, the blinkers can go on, and the output can become stale.

A marketing agency has the ability to learn from all the clients they manage and bring fresh ideas to the table. We’re not saying what works in one market works in another, but there will be similarities or inspiration that will keep your marketing fresh.

Business Consultancy

An internal marketing team is inside looking out. Quite often, the team is working ‘in’ the business and not looking ‘at’ the company. As a result, it can be difficult to step back and identify opportunities and problems.

A marketing agency is a fresh pair of eyes for your business. At Nuddy Media we believe in being a business partner, not a supplier. We don’t ask what you want; we understand what you need. A good marketing agency will take a helicopter view of your business and offer insight across your business, not just be limited to just marketing. At Nuddy Media, we’re not nosey; we’re interested!

So, if you are looking to appoint a marketing agency to supplement your internal team, become your marketing team or undertake special projects – please consider Nuddy Media.

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