all the gear, no idea

All the gear and no idea

I have sat many a time looking out across Sandbanks bay, as car after van after camper pulls up with excitement and decamp what looks to be an awful lot of expensive windsurfing kit, to then see what looks like the expert, not have a scooby doo.

I don’t laugh, I don’t mock, but I do look on slightly puzzled as to how you can look the part, but not be the part. Actually, I get that bit too if I am honest, as we all have to start somewhere, whether that be for our newfound lust of getting out on the water or starting a new business from an idea conceived after sipping your 3rd G&T.

We are not all experts at everything. It’s simply not possible, and don’t be fooled by those that claim they are. Don’t think requiring help in areas that you are not an expert in is a sign of weakness or failure. Absolutely not.

To us, it’s the sign of a brave and astute individual that ‘gets it’, knows where their value lies, their strengths and where their efforts are best spent. They are the super-smart ones who seek help and guidance, bringing in the right experts at the right time for the right reasons.

Nuddy Media will never claim to be experts at TV advertising, PR or events. Yes, we know a thing or two, maybe a little more than the average Joe, but certainly not the experts. Where we thrive and have both the idea and the right gear, is in delivering on your digital, creative and content needs.

We absolutely don’t see it as a weakness to offer only three core areas. On the contrary, we see it as a massive strength to be so darned focused on just three areas that we can really own for our clients and put all our energy into it.