Shark | Ninja

Market Research


Shark | Ninja is a household brand famous for its Vacuum Cleaners, Blenders and Air Fryers. A market leader and innovator, Shark | Ninja wanted to understand their customers in more detail as they appraised both their Retail and Direct sales strategy.


Up to 95% of Shark | Ninja appliances were purchased through Retailers at the time. Shark | Ninja wanted to develop their Direct Sales to consumers and for this they needed a better understanding of their customer profile. Unfortunately, this information was held by their retail partners who would be reluctant to hand over the insight.

By utilising the Warranty Registration database (which had a marketing opt in) we devised a detailed yet engaging questionnaire for customers to complete. This was paired with a prize draw (for Shark | Ninja appliances) to incentivise completion of the questionnaire by customers within a limited time. The objective was to generate sufficient responses to create a comprehensive customer profile which could be used to target future marketing campaigns.


For a company which previously had no regular customer communications (either email or social media), the 25% response rate was unprecedented. The volume and quality of the responses from SharkNinja customers enabled a full profile to be created.

From socio-economic factors to shopping habits, hobbies to internet use, reasons for purchasing SharkNinja and other brands owned, we were able to construct a profile of the SharkNinja customer. It provided the first steps of a direct sales strategy which SharkNinja continues to build on today.