Why do people buy into one logo and not another, before they may have even tried the product or service? How does the most visible part of any brand, the logo, have so much bearing on decision making?

Well, whether we like it or not, we place so much on an initial visual contact, whether that be on material items or people. Perception is made, rightly or wrongly, and that can pretty much determine what happens next. Continue or jog on.

So, when it comes to your brand, it’s no different. You might just have the most fantastic widget, but simply not getting the eyeballs as you simply don’t look the part. Your service could be exemplary, but your brand just doesn’t convey trust. Well, that’s the tough love over and done with.

But the great part is, it’s something we feel passionately about. It’s one of the reasons we founded Nuddy Media because we hand on heart know we can and continue to make a difference to those brands that entrust us with creating or enhancing their current position.

It can be as involved, or as light touch, as you are comfortable with, after all, we appreciate that it’s your brand, your baby just as Nuddy Media is ours. We believe we can take you to the next level, get you punching way above your weight and competing for that next level of growth.

We are seeing how Covid-19 is driving a whole host of start-ups onto the market. Some looking for a side hustle, others being forced as a result of circumstances and those taking stock of their current roles and simply going for it.

To be able to compete from the get-go, to look like a brand that someone is willing to invest in, you need to look, feel, sound and say it like the big boys. But better. You need that target audience to trust you, to buy into your brand and for you to stand out.