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Staffordshire Businesses Benefit from Nuddy Media Marketing Course.

On Wednesday November 15th Nuddy Media in collaboration with Stoke-On-Trent and Staffordshire Growth Hub held the second ‘Practical Marketing’ Session at Aston Marina, Stone.

Presenting to an audience of 30+ Staffordshire Businesses, Organisations and Charities, the second Practical Marketing Session covered:

  • What is marketing? 
  • Marketing tools and instruments 
  • How to ‘think like a customer’ 
  • Customer profiling 

An interactive marketing training course held over two hours, Practical Marketing is a 6-part course designed to empower anyone to write and implement a marketing strategy for their business. It is a FREE Course for anyone who wishes to attend. 

Nuddy Media has teamed up with Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Growth Hub, which act as a focal point for businesses that wish to grow by referring them to coordinated and cohesive growth programmes, business networks, growth groups, and links to specialist information, advice, and services. 

“Helped me to refocus and organise my thoughts around our business aims. Great informal approach to the 1st Session encouraging networking and peer support” 

Practical Marketing Course

Practical Marketing is divided into 6 Classes which combine both Marketing learning and interactive workshops. Each Class provides standalone knowledge which can be applied to a business, but the benefit will be maximised if all 6 are attended. 

On the Course Nuddy Media cover an overview of Marketing from Social Media to PR, Website Development to Advertising, understanding your customer, Branding, Budgeting, Promotions and Incentives, planning a Marketing Calendar and developing a Marketing Strategy. The Course covers: 

  • Class 1: Introduction to Marketing and Customer Profiling 
  • Class 2: Branding and Understanding the Marketing Instruments 
  • Class 3: Promotions, Incentives and Loyalty Schemes 
  • Class 4: Creating A Marketing Strategy 
  • Class 5: The Marketing Calendar & Marketing Plan 
  • Class 6: Implementing your Plan and working with Suppliers 

Practical Marketing is a Course aimed at those with limited Marketing knowledge and need to get up to speed, and for Marketing Professionals looking to develop new skills and new ways of thinking. First and foremost, Practical Marketing provides ‘real world’ skills and knowledge which may be applied to any business. It is not an intellectual course about marketing theory! 

“I thought the first session was time well spent for our company, Sy and Jason came across really well and put things across that were easy to understand. I come from no real marketing experience, so I found it very informative” 

Everyone who attends the full Course will be able to write a Marketing Strategy and Plan. In addition, they will make valuable networking contacts who can help and support their business moving forward. 

At Nuddy Media team, we have clients that range from ‘global to local’, which means whatever size business you work in, from Sole Trader to Multinational, Practical Marketing will be of benefit to you. Our team has over 100 years of experience working at Director level with some of the world’s largest brands and the UK’s most famous entrepreneurs, including John Caudwell (of Phones 4U) and Peter Jones (of Dragons’ Den fame). 

“The compact yet comprehensive approach of Nuddy Media is perfect for a crash-course in Marketing. You are providing the pointers of what businesses should be doing, and how these things can be done in-house”

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